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Shrikant Sathe

General Partner

Shrikant has over 24 years of operational experience in the technology area, over 20 years of which have been with private companies. He has played a role in many functional areas including engineering, marketing, business development, international sales and general management. His expertise spans semiconductors, systems and software, networking and communications, wireless, security and design automation. Shrikant started his career at Intel Corporation in engineering in 1979.

Since leaving Intel in 1981 he has worked for several private companies, two of which (Daisy Systems and Cadence Design Systems) have gone public and one has been acquired by a publicly traded company (Infineon Technologies). He worked at Daisy Systems as Customer Marketing Manager, at Cadence Design Systems as Director of Product Marketing and Director of Strategic Vendor Partnerships, and at Infineon Technologies as Senior Vice President of Marketing for a business unit.

He was a co-founder and Vice President of Marketing and Operations for a start-up company, SiNett Corporation, from 2002 to 2006, at which point he joined Vedanta Capital. Shrikant is a board observer at Erasmic Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund operating in India, and is a member of the advisory board for Harbinger Systems, a web product and services company.

In 1977, Shrikant received a B. Tech. degree in engineering from The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. In 1979 he completed a masters program in electrical engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and in 1983 he received an MBA from The Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania.

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