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“Veda” (knowledge)
& “Anta” (end or goal)


“Ultimate Knowledge”



“Knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns.”

– John Maurice Clark

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Vedanta Capital understands that talent drives innovation. Professionals at Vedanta have over 30+ years, various business cycles, at multiple stages of development and across multiple industries. Vedanta has partnered with hundreds of entrepreneurs and co-investors to help projects reach their full potential.  We seek to partner with passionate, creative, and successful individuals.

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Vedanta’s investment professionals have collaborated in over 300 companies and 400 partnerships. We bring a depth of experience and long-standing relationships established as an active participant in building the next generation of market leaders.

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Our accumulated experience, collective networks and diverse backgrounds provide us with effective tools to identify, attract, finance and build high growth businesses.  We leverage our shared knowledge, industry relationships, and the perspective and wisdom of our Limited Partners to help guide and support passionate entrepreneurs as they execute on their vision.

We have collaborated with some of the most successful entrepreneurs who have built market leaders.

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*This Select list of investments are investments made by Vedanta or which involved one or more Vedanta investment professionals while at their predecessor firms. A complete list of such companies is available upon request.

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Returns in private equity, particularly in venture capital, have been generated by a relative handful of visionary, market-altering companies.  These companies, in turn, have traditionally been nurtured, supported, and developed by a select group of venture firms, creating a virtuous cycle wherein the top entrepreneurs continue to seek out the top venture firms.  Our limited partners have participated in some of the greatest value creation of the past 30 years.

We seek to balance the persistence of returns with the identification of talented emerging markets in order to deliver top returns.

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The senior members of Vedanta Capital’s team led the investment activities at Invesco Private Capital until 2006. Our partners have worked together for over two decades.We bring to Vedanta our investment experience, fund management expertise, operating experience, deep domain knowledge, domestic and international networks, and a commitment to best practices.The close bond we have already developed as partners and colleagues enables us to effectively harness our collective knowledge as we make investment decisions and we work together to bring value to our portfolio companies.

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Phone :+1 212 710 5220

Fax :+1 212 710 5221


Vedanta Capital LP
250 West 55th Street, 13th Floor, Suite D
New York, NY 10019

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